About Us

JOLISI.com is an online retailer, based out of Long Island New York. Launched in 2016 to offer a large selection of brand name products and a better online shopping experience. Our founders come with over a decade of online retail experience. We live and breathe to offer better online shopping experience and more importantly we know how valuable fast shipping, top notch customer service, and good quality products are to our success.

Our core values:

  • Product selection: We strive to add hundreds of new items to our catalog daily.

  • Better online shopping experience: Online shopping is growing annually, but shopping experience is not keeping up with its pace. We believe that online shopping requires more than just a picture and a better price. We strive to deliver an amazing user experience on every product page that we put out.

  • Amazing customer service: We live and breathe to offer an amazing pre and post-sale customer service experience. Whether you need to learn more about the product, check the status of you order, or need any other assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Fast shipping and easy returns: We understand how excited you get when you hit the Submit order button, therefore our goal is to ship out your order as quickly as possible (as fast as the same day, in most cases). If you happen to change your mind about your purchase, no worries, we are here to make sure your return experience is as fast and easy as hitting that Submit order button.

  • Build relationships: We are nothing without you, the customer. We believe in relationships and customer loyalty. We strive to go beyond the online transaction. Giving back and building long lasting customer relationships is one of the many vital functions we carry out, daily.

Our state of the art fulfillment and distribution facility.

We use and operate from the state of the art fulfillment facility, located on Long Island, NY. Once our inventory is received, checked and put away, it immediately goes "in stock" and becomes available for sale. All of our in stock inventory is displayed online using real-time stock availability. Once your order is placed our fulfillment center starts to pick, pack and prepare it for shipping.

Thousands of items are in stock and ready to be shipped out. We will be honored to start our long lasting business relationship with you. Please go ahead and submit your order.